Practice Areas

Personal Injury Auto Accidents Estate Planning Business Services

Personal Injury

I would like to help you if you have been injured in an automobile accident, slip and fall, or if you are the victim of professional malpractice. I would be happy to represent your interests as you deal with insurance companies and adverse attorneys.

I have represented clients in all sorts of injury cases and I would be happy to discuss your case. There is no cost for the initial consultation and you will not pay me until your case has been resolved.

Please click here for information I provide to my clients that may answer some of your questions if you were involved in an automobile accident.

Business & Corporate Law

I regularly assist clients in forming corporations (including S-Corporations) and limited liability companies. Additionally I can advise you in correct corporate governance and maintaining a functioning business entity.

I would be happy to assist you with all stages of your business’s life, from formation, bringing in new partners, selling your interest, merging your company, dissolving your company. Additionally if disputes arise from the managing of your business I can help you with those matters as well.

Real Estate & Land Use

I can assist you in most matters relating to the life cycle purchasing and owing your property. As you are looking to buy or sell commercial or residential property through to using that land for your purposes and selling off portions or interests of your property.

Some common areas I can help you with including easements, liens, foreclosure, conditional uses, nonconforming uses and land use application.

Estate Planning & Probate

Estate Planning

Typically I draft wills and trusts to meet the needs of people as they plan their estate. An estate plan is one tool to protect your assets upon your passing and increase the assets intended for your beneficiaries.


If you die intestate (without a will), Oregon law typically requires that your assets are transferred to specific individuals, regardless of whatever intentions you expressed while living. Even if your intentions were verbally expressed, it is better to have written documents precisely describing your wishes. Wills allow individuals to make their estate plans formally known after they pass and are binding legal documents.

It is important to have an attorney draft your will so your intentions are clearly stated in proper terminology and not open to interpretation or subject to an outcome you did not intend.


Trusts serve many purposes in life and in death. They can help you avoid probate and can be used to supplement wills. Trusts are often used for estate planning as a way to set aside assets for a specific person.


I represent personal representatives and trustees to manage the assets of estates after the death of a loved one. Probate procedures are governed by Oregon state law and is meant to collect the decedent’s property, pay any outstanding debts or taxes, and finally distribute the remaining property accordingly.

I would be honored to walk you through the steps of probate.

General Litigation

When you are facing a problem that has no other resolution available I can assist you with all of your litigation needs. I deal with civil litigation cases relating to all of my practice areas including: Personal Injury, Business and Corporate, Real Estate and Land Use, Estate Planning and Probate. I can work with you from the very beginning of the matter all the way through trials, appeals and collecting or enforcing the judge’s ruling.